Kids Educational Christmas Activities – Useful Tips to Keep December Academic

The month of December in theory is three weeks of prime teaching time, a solid hunk of time that is perfect for a self contained unit. The students however are extra busy at home and totally focused on the upcoming holiday and vacation. One trick teachers might try to master is how to use Christmas themes for holiday assignments without sacrificing their curriculum. Students appreciate math worksheets, with a holiday theme, Christmas and Hanukkah themes for writing topics, and the opportunity to play some quality holiday games during their lessons and for homework. Teachers will enjoy devising effective ways to incorporate some kids educational Christmas activities, as well as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa assignments into their lesson plans for December. This article will touch on a few useful tips teachers can use to keep December academic.One useful tip for bringing holiday fun into the classroom is with the creative use of color. Running off worksheets on red or green, blue or silver paper that matches the appropriate December holiday will excite the younger students and bring a smile to older ones. Using holiday themed bookmarks as a place to also record their independent reading progress is another simple trick. Use holiday graphics for reward or motivational charts adds a little spark to the project. Students of all ages will totally enjoy using holiday colored markers and colored pencils to do their work. These are all simple, but add an element of fun to the classroom atmosphere.Using Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas themes for journal writing, and formal paragraph writing is another easy way to bring kids educational Christmas activities into the classroom. Using creative writing prompts that are based on common themes to these holidays end up being different than what they usually are asked to do. To improve written language skills the students need to write frequently and consistently. Having innovative prompts to use around these holidays will keep the motivation to produce quality work up and their writing skills will improve.During the three week period in December putting their study of plot elements to practice with a holiday themed story might be a perfect way to keep them focused on a long term project. Applying their knowledge of setting, characters, conflict and resolution and creating their own story, or alternate ending to another holiday story, gives the students much needed practice and opportunity to use their writing skills. Keeping December academic is easy with a project like this.Another useful tip is to find some printable educational math worksheets, puzzles, and mazes that tie directly into their spot in the curriculum and use them for warm-ups, homework and quiet seat work. This provides variety, let the students have some fun but does not sacrifice academics. Holiday homework assignments that are quality games or puzzles can be spread out during the month. These actually will be more effective than designating a separate day for fun or games.Bringing December holidays into the classroom with an assortment of kids educational Christmas activities and Hanukkah or Kwanzaa games by making them an integral part of lessons is truly one of the best strategies for teachers to use. Teachers are able to keep December academic while students continue with their routines, the educational quality stays firm, and everyone is allowed to have some holiday fun.